Lewis is a podcast host based in Winchester, United Kingdom.

Lewis' background is in philosophy, having completed a BA in Philosophy at the University of Warwick and an MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy at the London School of Economics. Lewis created the show upon graduating from his MSc in order to fill a void he felt unable to adequately explore during his studies.

Philosophy is a subject deeply connected with the goals and ideals towards which we direct our lives, yet some of these deeply personal philosophies often remain peripheral to the philosophical community. Through Searching For It, Lewis wants to bring together schools of thought from academic philosophy, popular philosophy and beyond philosophy altogether to try and forge an answer to the question: How should we live our lives?

Outside of Searching For It, Lewis hopes to study towards a PhD from September 2021, and wants to continue delivering philosophy to audiences both within academia and beyond. You can keep up with Lewis' projects on Twitter at @99lewiswilliams, or feel free to get in contact via e-mail at searchingforitpodcast "at" gmail "dot" com.

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